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PlushMeet, the Augmented Reality Video Shopping offers a glorious advantage for every retailer worldwide to cater to their shoppers. The all-new PlushMeet AR video shopping will provide consumers with the plush privilege of virtually trying jewellery anytime, anywhere over a video call.

Ring and bracelet


Trying rings was never easy until now. Introducing Ring TryOn and Bracelet TryOn over a video call. PlushMeet allows jewellery shoppers to try as many Rings as they want. Talking about rings how can we forget bracelets and bangles? Now enjoy virtually trying bracelet and bangles over PlushMeet.



Wondering how that piece of jewellery looks on you? Now, Let’s put an end to the guessing game. Our accurate face detection technology detect the face and let’s the shopper try all the jewellery on a click of a button.


 Video Call

Now let’s join the AR party with friends over video call. PlusMeet now supports group video calls on select devices. To invite your friends family or colleagues just share the video link and say,
“Let’s Meet on PlushMeet”.

3 Step

 Product Upload

Uploading products for TryOn is as easy as 3 clicks. Follow the 3 steps and your product is ready for TryOn. The lightning fast Product Upload saves 90% of your time.
It just clicks!

Superior video


PlushMeet provides full HD audio & video calling and supports every device for retailers to connect to their online clients without any hassle anytime, anywhere.



PlushMeet facilitates smooth & real-time try-on over a video call. Buyers will be able to try new products on a video call itself. AR will make the entire experience not only interactive but exciting too.



PlushMeet lets you dive into a personalised experience where one can adjust jewellery as per their wish. Personalisation always drives engagement and builds longer customer relations. Hence, everything gets personalised.

Capture the


PlushMeet is all about the WOW feeling right from the moment you start AR video shopping. Ever wanted to preserve what you just tried? It’s available at the click of a button. Click, and yay, we’ve captured the WOW image.


Privacy? It's PlushMeet. PlushMeet provides fully encrypted peer-to-peer connections at all times, to ensure that Privacy of users is not compromised. Privacy of users is our top priority.


PlushMeet provides an interactive dashboard to jewellers for them to keep a track of all the business analytics. Through this analysis, a jeweller can get fruitful insights about the business & can make improved & strategic decisions in the future.


PlushMeet not only offers an efficient way for video shopping but also provides the chat & share function. One can even chat during the ongoing video call & share photos of the jewellery they love to make their moment memorable.


PlushMeet can help businesses achieve a growth of 45% or more through Augmented Reality. Video Shopping is fast becoming a favourite way for shoppers. It offers an easy way of trying and shopping for products that shoppers love. With Augmented Reality, exponential growth will certainly be the reality.


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What is augmented reality? Augmented Reality (AR) is the perfect union of two worlds: real and virtual. AR combines digital information like computer-generated images or data with our physical environment by layering them onto each other in real-time. Through a camera, sensors, and displays to present this combination properly, users get an awe-inspiring experience interacting between both realms simultaneously! AR technology has countless uses, from boosting entertainment value to educational content support for healthcare applications and manufacturing sector innovations.
What are some examples of augmented reality applications and devices currently available? here are many augmented reality applications and devices currently available, some of which include:
Pokemon Go - an AR mobile game that allows players to catch and collect virtual Pokemon creatures in the real world.
Snapchat filters - AR filters that add digital elements, such as animal ears or glasses, to users' faces in real-time.
Microsoft HoloLens - an AR headset that overlays digital holograms onto the real world, enabling users to interact with digital content using gestures and voice commands.
Ikea Place - an AR app that lets users visualize how furniture will look in their home by placing digital models of Ikea furniture in real-world environments.
Google Maps Live View - an AR feature that overlays directional arrows and other information onto the real world to help users navigate city streets.
Augmedix - an AR platform that helps doctors and other medical professionals access and update patient information while interacting with patients.
WayRay - an AR device that projects holographic images onto a car's windshield, providing drivers with real-time information about the road ahead.

These are just a few examples, and the range of AR applications and devices is constantly expanding.
Why is augmented reality important? Augmented Reality is a revolutionary technology that can profoundly improve our interaction with the world. With AR, virtual objects are superimposed on reality to open new possibilities for entertainment, education, communication, and commerce. Unlocking a world of exciting possibilities, Augmented Reality (AR) technology has the potential to revolutionize our lives on multiple levels. Not only could it lead us into unexplored realms of experience, but AR can dramatically increase productivity and efficiency in industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, and logistics. Its power to radically transform how we interact with technology and one another is cause for further exploration - something that promises highly rewarding outcomes.
How will the augmented reality be used in entertainment and gaming? Augmented reality is changing how people experience entertainment and gaming by bringing virtual elements into the real world. This can be seen in popular AR games like Pokemon Go, where players hunt for digital creatures overlaid in their physical environment.

AR has also been used to create immersive experiences in theme parks, museums, and other attractions. For instance, Disney’s Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire experience uses advanced technology such as Microsoft HoloLens headsets and haptic vests to fully immerse visitors into a story set in a galaxy far, far away.
How will augmented reality change the way we shop? Augmented Reality is ready to redefine shopping. With AR, customers can experience products in a digital space by trying on and manipulating them right before their eyes - all within the comfort of 3D visuals! People can now effortlessly assess different colors, textures, and designs as they evaluate how items look or work in real-time. This technology improves the buying experience by making it more interactive and personalized. It can also lower return rates by letting shoppers see how things will fit and appear before they buy them. Additionally, merchants may employ AR to provide engaging in-store and online purchasing experiences that entice customers to spend more time and money.
How will the augmented reality be used in education and training? Augmented Reality is a powerful tool for transforming the way we learn and train. By providing students with engaging, interactive experiences, AR can help them understand complex topics more quickly and easily. For instance, teachers may use AR to display 3D images of organs or machines that students can virtually dismantle and explore. This technology can also be used in corporate training environments to simulate work scenarios in an immersive environment - while reducing costs associated with physical setups. AR-powered education and training systems are already being adopted by many schools and businesses around the world, making this a promising area for continued exploration.
HHow will the augmented reality be used in healthcare and medicine? Augmented Reality is used in healthcare to improve patient care and increase efficiency. For instance, doctors can use AR to display a 3D scan of a patient’s body during surgery, allowing them to make more precise decisions about their treatment. Additionally, medical professionals may use this technology to virtually practice complex procedures before attempting them on real patients. AR-driven systems are also employed at hospitals and clinics worldwide to help streamline operations and reduce wait times. Furthermore, this technology offers great potential for diagnostics, with applications such as Google Glass being used by physicians to provide remote consultations and better monitor patients.
How will the augmented reality be used in transportation and logistics? Augmented reality (AR) is revolutionizing the transportation and logistics industries with its array of features. It provides real-time data to drivers and warehouse workers, including delivery routes, inventory levels, and maintenance needs - you name it! AR also provides a space for training personnel on complicated tasks in simulated settings; plus, customers can now access comprehensive tracking information about their shipments and interactive instructions for delivery and pickup. All these facets make utilizing AR an invaluable asset that has exponentially improved efficiency, accuracy, and safety.
What are technical advancements needed to make augmented reality more immersive? To make augmented reality more immersive, several technical advancements are needed. Firstly, there is a need for higher-resolution displays and better tracking technology to improve image quality and stability. This will enhance the user's experience, allowing them to interact with virtual objects more realistically. Secondly, advancements in haptic feedback technology will allow users to feel the virtual objects they are interacting with, further enhancing immersion. Thirdly, improved natural language processing and speech recognition technology can enable more natural and responsive interactions with augmented reality environments.
What are some of the most promising research projects in augmented reality? Some of augmented reality's most promising research projects include hand tracking and interaction, mixed reality, holographic displays, and wearable AR devices. Hand tracking and interaction research aim to develop advanced algorithms that can accurately track the movements of a user's hands and fingers, allowing them to interact with virtual objects naturally and intuitively. Mixed reality research combines virtual and physical elements to create an immersive experience, with researchers exploring new ways to blend the real and virtual worlds seamlessly. These are just a few examples of augmented reality's many exciting research areas.
How can we ensure that augmented reality is accessible to everyone? Ensuring that augmented reality is accessible to everyone requires thoughtful planning and execution. Firstly, developers should ensure that the technology is easily adaptable to different devices and platforms. This could include developing software applications with adjustable settings for various hardware configurations. Secondly, efforts should be made to make AR experiences easily understandable and interactable by all users, regardless of their data literacy or technical know-how. Thirdly, companies should strive to create affordable services to not exclude people from lower-income classes from accessing them. Finally, companies must work hard to ensure the content they create for their AR projects follows ethical guidelines to benefit society.
What is the future of augmented reality? The future of augmented reality is incredibly promising, and the possibilities for this technology are endless. We expect to see more development in immersive, interactive experiences that bridge the real and virtual worlds. Augmented reality will also create novel training solutions and remote assistance tools while providing invaluable data insights. In addition, AR could revolutionize communication by enabling users to interact with colleagues or friends in a virtual space like never before. The possibilities for this technology are immense, and augmented reality will certainly continue to shape our lives in fascinating ways far into the future.

PlushMeet is an Augmented Reality Video Calling Technology that is the tool to bring growth of Jewellery E-Commerce. With PlushMeet , jewellers can convert their website visitors into customers. PlushMeet provides the TRY Before BUY feature inside the real-time video call. PlushMeet provides VIRTUAL TRYON FOR JEWELLERY live during the video call. It is the best collaboration tool on the web. PlushMeet is one of the pioneers of Augmented Reality on the web (WebAR) that provides the AR experience inside your web browser. HD Video Quality, Best-in-class Audio and Real-time AR Experience makes it FUN for the users.

PlushMeet is a better alternative to current video calling apps for jewellery retail brands in 2022. Video calling apps such as WhatsApp Call, Google Duo, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Google Meet or Jio Meet have one thing in common, that they can only display the product, but they can not let clients TRY Jewellery Online. PlushMeet is the best video call plugin for an e-commerce website. PlushMeet drives better user engagement and generates more revenue for the e-commerce businesses.

With PlushMeet, users will not only SHOP ON VIDEO CALL but also will customize the jewellery based on their needs. PlushMeet works best for virtual tryon of Gold Jewellery, Diamond Jewellery, Silver Jewellery or even Imitation Jewellery online. Jewellery brands like Tanishq, Kalyan Jewellers, Hazoorilal Legacy, Charu Jewels, PC Jewellers and many more have adopted this AR jewellery tryon technology and have seen exponential growth of jewellery e-commerce in 2021. This is a perfect solution for all the brands who have a question : “How to sell jewellery online via video call?”

This technology helps jewellers across the world to sell to the shoppers globally, including the clientele in India, Dubai, USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, Russia or Italy. Jewellers of India, especially the Tier-1 cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Ahmedabad and Pune are joining the emerging trend of e-commerce in the jewellery industry. PlushMeet is the BEST VIDEO CALL FOR RETAIL for Jewellery Shopping and is clearly the best e-c0mmerce plugin to look for in 2022.

This is perfect for buyers who are shopping remotely. An Augmented Reality video platform gives access to the person TRY on virtually inside the video call itself. This is perfect for keeping in touch with consumers if you can’t see them in person, and also for consumers if they are shopping remotely.

Augmented Reality is a fast-growing technology and People are always evolving. E-commerce brings everything together and with PlushMeet, the future of video shopping looks more promising than ever.